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Yesterday, because of a horrendous nor’easter, I was stranded in a commuter train for six hours, hoping to get home.  It was exhausting and frustrating, and would have been much worse, had I not been traveling with a colleague.  After finding a pen, and using the back of our theater tickets, we talked about lessons and future class plans.  We worked on scenery and staging for our school musical, and even a little choreography (although we did get some strange looks from fellow passengers).  We had to laugh about the absurdity of the situation — we had to be trapped in a commuter train outside of New York to have the time to work together, and collaborate the way we wish we could.  If only planning time was made a priority by schools, so that teachers would have time to exchange ideas, and explore new, inventive ways to teach lessons.  It is amazing how productive we can be when we have the time to bounce ideas off one another — time that we never have during the school day.  I guess we were lucky to have been stranded — it gave use the opportunity to accomplish everything we wanted to.  I have to thank  Mother Nature and New Jersey Transit for that.  Although next time, I’d rather not be tired, hungry, and thirsty to work my best.


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